Philip Seymour Hoffman Has Died

Philip Seymour Hoffman has died at the age of 46, of a suspected drug overdose. In May of last year, the respected actor had revealed that he had relapsed after over 20 years of sobriety, and had sought treatment for his problem at that time.

As tragic as the cause may be, Hoffman will be remembered as one of the most dedicated and versatile actors of his time. Rising during the Indie resurgence of the nineties, and establishing a position in Paul Thomas Anderson bank of players, Hoffman was a chameleon of an actor, disappearing into whatever role he was called upon to play, and seemingly able to playing everything across the spectrum from light comedy to hard drama. He first came to my attention as a lead in Owning Mahowny, in 2003, though I had noticed him long before that in films like Hard Eight, State and Main, and of course, the Big Lebowski. Seeing his name attached to a project immediately elevated it into another class. The internet seemed to agree, as evidenced by the Her trailer above, which replaced Hoffman as the voice of Samantha.

Hoffman is yet another in a list of recent deaths by artists that have died far too young, for reasons that might have been avoided. Life, as we are reminded far too often, is a series of choices, and those choices don't always go our way.
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