The Conclusion I Have Drawn Is That You Are Dangerous

While not as stylish as the first teaser for season 2, this new full trailer for Hannibal's second year is still very good (though NBC's voice over guy is trying a little too hard). Despite burying it on Friday nights, I'm comforted that NBC is making an effort to advertise the show, which deserves every bit of success it can muster.

And I am very intrigued by this footage. Will's hallucinations were a major part of the narrative structure last season, so I'm hesitant to suggest that the footage we've seen in all of these trailers between Hannibal and Jack is a spoiler, when it could just as easily be a vision. And it looks like, despite her laissez faire attitude last season, this year Gillian Anderson seems to be stirring the pot somewhat.

I am so very properly excited for the show to be back.
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