They Make A Terrible Mess

Everybody has one of those moments: you hear a song you haven't heard in ages, then suddenly its on every radio station you listen to, your favourite TV show uses it in a promo, you overhear your coworkers talking about the band in the break room, etc. It's a really uncomfortable thing to have happen, mostly because you then spend the next half hour convincing yourself that you aren't actually living in a Truman Show-esque reality show, where your every thought is being subtly controlled by a douchey looking "auteur," and that the universe is just really really coincidental sometimes, and stuff like that freaks humans out.

That's what happened to me last week. Within the span of 24 hours, I read an article about keeping dinosaurs as pets, had an unrelated conversation with several people about keeping dinosaurs as pets, and then this infographic from John Conway about keeping dinosaurs as pets pops up on the internet.

So, if the guy in the control room is reading this, we need more Diet Dr. Pepper in the vending machine on the second floor. And stop stocking Fanta, it tastes like foot-ass.

Via Geekologie.
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