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This week is the week of the Guardians of the Galaxy. First came the fantastic trailer, then the internet took their turn at the same, now Marvel has released a bevy of material, including the first poster for the film, seen above. Just like the trailer ran counter to every modern convention for trailers, the poster does the same. Lots of empty space, full figures in natural(ish) almost relaxed positions. And humour. How dare a high concept film embrace it's nature in a forthwith and forward manner? I mean, Iron Man 3 was a comedy, something that was completely hidden from us in the advertising beforehand. I was looking forward to Guardians before. Now I'm frothing with excitement.

After the jump, find a micro interview with director James Gunn about what to expect in the next six months of advertising, what to expect from the film that will follow that advertising, and a series of character-focused mini trailers for each of the Guardians (which are a mix of what we've already seen with some hints of what we haven't), including the first official footage of Rocket Raccoon speaking.

Via Collider. More than once.
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