DC Makes Some Progress

I've been saying for a while now, considering that DC and Warner Bros seem incapable of getting off their asses and putting together any films that aren't Bat-based, that while Marvel dominates the cinema-scape, DC should focus on television. Because TV productions aren't as beholden to Warner Bros Pictures bottom line, DC has had years of success getting their properties onto the tube. Lois & Clark, Smallville, Arrow, now the Flash. Creating a complex shared continuity in television productions would allow DC to bring their characters to the waiting audience, in a medium that is far more conducive to building arcs and continuity than bi-annual films.

While they continue to flummox and falter with their film properties, they do have two new series entering pilot season. One, Gotham, is moderately interesting to me in that they finally managed to get a Batman series to pilot (though how interesting it will remain without being actually Batman is yet to be seen). The other, Constantine, is very interesting to me. First of all, they're adapting the character correctly this time, keeping him British and presumably an asshole. Secondly, magic is the one area Marvel hasn't really tried yet, and DC can stake their claim if they get in their quick. Third, if the series takes off, they've got Sandman and Justice League Dark films waiting in the wings to tie into the character (who would have a role in both, presumably). Fourth, Neil Marshall is directing the pilot. Fifth, while I was off last week, they released the first image of Matt Ryan as John, seen above, and damned if he doesn't look exactly like the chain-smoking con-man. A bit young, but that's in keeping with his New 52 look. The show will also feature LOST's Harold Perrineau as an angel, True Detective's Charles Halford as Chas, and Robin Hood's Lucy Griffiths as Liv, a woman marked by a demon.

The only thing I worry about is that it's being developed for NBC. That is never a good sign. But, Hannibal has proven that when the network steps back and lets a show be it's own thing, it can be spectacular. So, at this point it depends on whether the writers can craft a quality enough show to do the Vertigo character justice. And that writer is... David S. Goyer.


Via Den of Geek.
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