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Joss Whedon has said that one of the biggest challenges of making Serenity (after getting the film green-lit) was making a film that someone who had never seen the series could enjoy, while making a film that fans of the series wouldn't be bored with. He succeeded, in part due to a fantastic and concise opening sequence that manages to cover the history of the 'verse, the basic plot of the series, introduce the plot of the film, and the ship and all her crew.

Rob Thomas is in that exact situation with Veronica Mars. The show hasn't been on for seven years, and wasn't watched by many when it was on. So how do you sum up the series, to introduce new viewers to the backstory that the film will hinge upon, without boring those already educated. In advance of the March 14th release, the producers have made the opening 2 minutes of the film available, to show us exactly how it's done (basically, put to good use the returning voice over, apply lots of footage from the series, and ignore everything that happened in season two and three). I wouldn't say its as successful as Serenity, but its a quick and easy way to bring all the new marshmallows up to speed.

Via Collider.
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