Ninja Turtles aren't my thing. They never were. I watched the 80s/90s cartoon, but it didn't stick with me. I've got some action figures kicking around from back in the day, and I own the original live action films (the Jim Henson designed turtles in the original are still amazing). I never read the comics. So, the prospect of another film based on the franchise fills me with apathy. And to be honest, I have no problems with this trailer. The turtles look decent, but it also appears to be another overly CGI action movie, like every other damned summer movie. It'll just another one of the bunch.

And to anyone freaking out because the Shredder apparently Norman Osbourn-ed the turtles in this one, remember that the turtles regularly fight aliens from Dimension X, aliens sometimes sitting in the belly of a giant robot. If you are screaming for an "authentic" adaptation, then why aren't you clamoring for that? But, as I said, this isn't my particular rodeo.
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