Simpson, Eh?

When the massive 742 Evergreen Terrace Lego set was announced, I only had one problem with it: the minifigs were pretty terrible looking. At the time, The Simpsons set seemed to be a one off. It was internet available only, and the $200 price tag put it squarely in the realm of the dedicated collector. But, the Lego Movie cameo form Milhouse suggested more was to come, and more has come indeed.

Starting in May, the next wave of Lego's successful (and profitable) blind-purchase minifig packages will be the residents of Springfield: the entire Simpsons clan, along with some front-line secondary characters. And they look fantastic. These are the fig models I was expecting with the house. Neutral and in keeping with the baseline of each character (oddly, Maggie was the one fig I didn't have a probelm with before, and here her eyes are a bit weird. But she comes with Bobo, so I can forgive it).

While there might be some muffled complaints from some corners, along the lines of "why Nelson instead of Smithers," or "Itchy and Scratchy, but no Sideshow Bob," or "why can't I get no Tang around here," but those are the words of crazy people. This set is perfect. In terms of licensed toy lines, it might sit up next to the Palisades Muppets in terms of perfection (and frustrating incompleteness). I might as well buy a whole box of the damned things right now, because I'm sure as hell going to want to collect them all.

And you know that Ralph is going to be the rarest of them.

Hit the jump to see each figure in detail.

Via Uproxx.
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