Take Care Of This Bear

When they first announced a live action Paddington Bear movie, called simply Paddington, I was nervous. First off, no film could match the wonderfulness of the BBC shorts from the seventies, in terms of presenting Paddington to the world. And second, I was just nervous in general. Paddington Bear isn't my favourite bear in British children's literature (a surprisingly dense field), but he ranks. And anytime studios try to merge live action with a CGI character, the results are flimsy at best (I'd say Stuart Little is probably as close as such films comes to "good").

This first trailer is really nothing more than a teaser meant to tug at the nostalgic heart strings, and give us a fleeting glimpse of what Paddington himself looks like. It's got a stellar cast though, with Downton Abbey's Hugh Bonneville as Mr. Brown, and Sally Hawkins as Mrs., with Julie Walters Jim Broadbent Peter Capaldi filling out the human cast, and Colin Firth providing Paddington's voice. He's an understated and elegant choice, which is smart for Paddington. I'm interested to see actual footage, but won't get properly excited until it's made clear that the producers aren't treating this one as a big joke.
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