The Doctor, Bricked

Lego Cuuso strikes again, or at least they hope to. Until recently, despite fan clamour, Lego was prevented from creating any Doctor Who based sets because Character Building owned the license. And let me say, those Character Building were top notch (and Lego compatible). I bought most of them, along with far too many of the Lego inspired blind-purchase bags. But as was recently revealed, the license is at least partially available (Character Building has a new minifig line set for sale in 2014, including Capaldi and John Hurt's Doctors), and fans might be that much closer to seeing the TARDIS and the more recent Doctors in true Lego form. This set is currently up for vote on the Cuuso, and isn't far from the 10,000 votes needed to push it in front of Lego's official eyes.

I love the Character Building sets, and the figures with their specially molded heads. But this set includes a really solid looking K-9 (I built my own, but I like the body design on this one more). And that Dalek makes me giggle. Do I need official Lego Doctor Who sets, since I already have the Character Building stuff? No. Would I buy this set if it were available? Absolutely.

Hit the jump to see more of the specs of this particular set.

Via Geekologie.
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