The Storm Of Swords Will End With A Feast for Crows

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HBO has learned, over the last three seasons, to keep certain things close to it's chest when it comes to Game of Thrones. This season has seen a significant (and welcome) decrease in the number of trailers for the season. In past years, these sorts of trailers would become repetitive and recycled. So too, now almost exactly a month away from the premiere, have they released just the first four episode titles. Guessing at what each episode will contain based on it's title is fun for readers of the books, because we know what will be happening, just not when. But, in both seasons two and three, there were last minute changes to episode titles, so this time it looks like they are playing it safe until everything is locked in.

This year, we will be privy to 401- Two Swords (58 mins); 402- The Lion and the Rose (52 mins); 403 - Breaker of Chains (56 mins); and 404 - Oathkeeper (54 mins). As noted all over the internet, to those in the know, three of these have very clear meanings, and reasonable assumptions can be made towards their contents. Only episode 3, Breaker of Chains, has some mystery to it. But that's only because it's obvious meaning (and that of episode 4) might suggest an advancement of certain plots beyond Storm of Swords, and into the next book.

I shall keep this spoil free, but a reasonable assumption can be made that episode one is going to be a very content heavy episode. There is a lot of territory that needs to get covered before anything else can happen.

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