Tucker & Dale Vs MORE Evil

One of my favourite movies of 2010 was Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil. Starring Reaper's Tyler Labine, Firefly's Alan Tudyk and 30 Rock's Katrina Bowden (all usually supporting actors), it was a pretty damned funny send up of horror movies, as two innocent hillbillies bumble their way through the woods as a series of unfortunate events conspires against a pod of idiot college students. It was the horror movie equivalent to The Man Who Knew Too Little. The movie quickly became a cult hit, and since we live in the days of Netflix, cult films can reach a larger audience than they used it. Which might undercut the meaning of cult, but whatever.

Tudyk and Labine recently announced that a sequel is officially in development, and while I'm excited about the prospect of the two reuniting for a project, I don't know how well Tucker & Dale will hold up to a second offering. A lot about what made the original good was how lightning in a bottle it was. The core concept doesn't have the same imaginative catch for me if it's being retread, and the characters certainly shouldn't be taken by as much of a surprise if events set to repeat themselves. But, as Labine states in the video above, the actors enjoyed the characters as much as the audience did, and suggests they won't just make a sequel for a sequel's sake. So put me down as tentatively interested. It's certainly a project I'll be following as it develops.

Via Collider.
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