What We Call Trailers Are Really Leaders. And What Trails The Film Are Now Called Stingers

I post a lot of movie trailers on this site, and like any cinephile I enjoy watching a trailer. But they aren't my favourite part of the movie environment. They are the most obvious piece of marketing, and are often so homogenized that they fail to make a statement. But back in the day, they were one of a limited number of ways to know anything about a movie ahead of release. It's no surprise that Apple Movies was one of the first and most popular sites on the internet.

In the modern online environment, we are inundated with too long a promotional period for films and TV, so for months ahead of a release, we get trailer after trailer of recycled footage cut into new arrangements, to keep our short attention spans focused on one specific product. Game of Thrones doesn't need to release a dozen trailers in the three weeks before it's premiere, but it does. And despite the fact that it doesn't come out until May, Amazing Spider-man 2 has basically given away the entire film with it's endless parade of trailers.

This short documentary, from Filmmaker IQ, explains the history of the trailer from conception to the modern carpet bombing techniques. It's fun, and a decent reminder that even back in the day, trailers were still overly long and gave too much away about the movie.

Via /Film.
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