At Disney World, The Pirates Of The Caribbean Don't Eat The Tourists

The internet is occationally, mostly a horrible place. Full of the disappointed, disillusioned, and just plain dickish. But I've always appreciated that, if you are looking for completely unfiltered opinions of things, people are willing to give them to you. I don't know how many terrible smart phones I haven't bought and how many crappy, potentially murderish hotels I haven't stayed in because of advice from the internet.

Mandatory put together this just terrific fake Yelp review page for Jurassic Park, and I'm still giggling at it. From top to bottom, this page is glorous, from the the terse "no" under Good For Kids? to the subtle How To Make A Terrible Sequel link (though that's not fair; The Lost World isn't really a Jurassic Park movie - ask me about that later though, I'm busy right now). I'm particularly fond of the "suggested link" to the side: The 20 Worst Places To Drop A Deuce.

The bathroom from Snakes on a Plane has to have made that list.

Via Mandatory.
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