Clever Girl (This Quote Has Never Been More Appropriate)

Do you want a raptor of you very own? Well, too bad, the last Dromaeosauridae died out 66 million years ago. What you can have is a complex origami raptor created by Lisa Glover. She has a project on Kickstarter that, unless you cough up a $1000, doesn't include the wearable life sized model seen in the video above (much to my disappointment). Her KitRex is a 3D, fold and tab based raptor model made out of high quality bristol board that stands about fifteen inches long. And they are adorable (and offered in a variety of colours)

If you want to get in on this, you've got 5 days left before the project closes. Not that Ms. Glover won't be busy: at time of publication, she's raised just shy of $100,000 on an $8000 goal. The lesson here: never underestimate the internet's love and demand for dinosaur based arts and crafts.

Via Kickstarter.
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