John Pinette Has Died

John Pinette has died at the age of 50, in Pittsburgh. Natural causes have been confirmed as the cause. Pinette was best known for his friendly, good natured stand-up routines, which focused largely on cuisine and his personal experiences as a larger gentlemen. Self deprecation was his main stay, rarely staying a bad word about anyone but himself (and even then, jokingly). Familiar to audiences as the carjacking victim in the final episode of Seinfeld, or as the operatic Bumpo in the Thomas Jane-lead Punisher film, he achieved acclaim when he toured with Hairspray, in the role of Edna, and continued the role on Broadway.

I first became aware of Pinette when he performed at the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal years ago, at which he was an audience favourite. He toured with his routines extensively, and I had the fortune to see him live three times, as his tours always made sold-out stops in my area. The word jolly is often used as a polite way of referring to heavier, jovial individuals, but I can think of no better word to describe Pinette. He exuded joy in his performances, and clearly loved standing in front of audiences and making them quake with hearty, belly laughs. His voice was a happy, friendly one amongst the crowd, and it'll be missed.

Via the CBC.
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