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The Party might be a long commercial for Smirnoff, but that can be overlooked considering that it is a short film starring Adam Scott and Alison Brie as themselves, throwing a party that happens to include a lot of vodka. And also Dotcom from 30 Rock. The full film has been broken into six standard commercials, which make for a more complete (or at least extended) film, which are available after the video.

I'd have thought that Scott and Brie would have great chemistry, as she's usually a straight man, and Scott is that rare straightman that works well against equally the straight (see his work opposite Lizzy Caplan, Nick Offerman and Richard Jenkins). Here, she takes the role of the fool, and they work exceptionally well together. If next season is the last for both Parks and Community, I'd say any network would be foolish not to give these two a show together.

Preferably on cable.

Via Uproxx.
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