Outlaw Dinosaur Country

Dammit, Jurassic World, stop becoming increasingly interesting! The Hollywood Reporter reports that Archer's Judy Greer, and Merlin's Katie McGrath have been added to the aesthetically appealing and talented cast of the Jurassic Park sequel. Lauren Lapkus has also reportedly joined the film.

There is no added description of what their roles will entail, but the report does include details that Chris Pratt's character will be a cowboy-style dino wrangler for the new park, and Bryce Dallas Howard's character will be a scientist working for the new owners. If I was a betting person, I'm going to guess that Greer will be the emotionally cold assistant to either Irrfan Khan or Vincent D’Onofrio. Just a type-casting hunch. Greer is more than capable of playing whatever role they give her. Maybe the ape skills she's honed on the Planet of the Apes got her cast as one of the raptors?

Via /Film.
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