Something's Hickey

This isn't news, but this past weekend I was watching Airplane! (because you don't need an explanation for doing so), and was surprised to see Breaking Bad and Community's Jonathan Banks playing one of the air traffic controllers. His largest scene in the film is in the clip above, he appears at 38 seconds. But earlier in the film, his actual joke involves checking the temperature of a turkey. 

When he was cast as Hickey in season five of Community, I was surprised. His role as Mike on Breaking Bad (which we'll reprise in Better Call Saul, meaning he probably won't be available for a season six of Community if NBC gives that to Harmon) made him famous, but I didn't expect him to go hard into comedy. Though, his roles in Community, and as Ben's dad on Parks and Rec are essentially adhering to the Abrahams/Zucker/Abrahams model: getting serious people to say absurd things earnestly makes them hilarious. So maybe, it makes perfect sense, and is beautifully cyclical that he appeared in Airplane! all those years ago.

The lesson here: go watch Airplane! You learn things if you do.
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