Suddenly Thrown Back Into The Mix Together

Filming is underway in Hawaii on Jurassic World, the probably unnecessary sequel to my favourite film, which frustratingly gets more interesting the more director Colin Trevorrow talks about it. He's already cast pretty much all my favourite actors.

They released some very plain early days images from the shoot, and Trevorrow revealed that despite the fact that the dinosaurs in the film won't have feathers, they will be using animatronics combined with CG to bring the animals to life. In 1993, this was due to necessity, as CG didn't really exist back then. Now, it's part of franchise tradition, which isn't the reason I'm pleased about the news. I'm pleased because I'm a vocal advocate for less CGI across the entire industry; a well built real thing is always going to look better than a well built computer simulation. I'm glad that Trevorrow recognizes that. Let's just hope that they don't cut costs by getting second rate CG to fill in the gaps.

Trevorrow also mentioned that the studio is interested in sequels (shocker that), and that Omar Sy's character in the film is "essentially Chris Pratt’s best friend." Trevorrow mentions that their relationship is being set up as one of the potential threads they could follow in sequels, but my money is on Sy getting eaten by film's end. So that Pratt has something tragic to further his character development. The onus is now on Trevorrow to make his film less cliched and transparent than that.

Hit the jump for a couple more pictures that don't give anything away, except that Bryce Dallas Howard's dress isn't going to stay that pristine for long.

Via Collider a couple times.
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