When You're Batman, Every Day Is A Strange Day

Beyond all attempts at argument, the best Batman is Bruce Timm's animated Batman. Better than any of the films, better than any video game, better than Adam West, Brave and The Bold, and even the comics. Batman: the Animated Series is what perfect Batman looks like. Kevin Conroy, perfect. The characterization, perfect. The style, the direction, the depth of plotting? The willingness to allow the archetypes of the characters to carry the viewer's understanding rather than bogging down the mythology in continuity, but than building up a continuity out of familiarity? Perfect. The fact that he has a sense of humour? Get out of here, all the other pretenders to the cowl, it's Timm's vision every time.

And he's back. In honour of the charater's recent 75th birthday, Timm produced, in his familair style, a short film titled Batman: Strange Days, in which our old familiar Dark Knight takes on one of the few characters to never have that much presense in the Animated Series, Hugo Strange. And it's pretty amazing. Few people have such an immediate grip on what makes Batman effect as Timm, and would be able to distil it down to less than three minutes. This is simultaneously a period piece, and a modern story. It's adventure, noir, action, thriller and horror movie all rolled into one.

And could just as easily be called Silent Knight.
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