Will They Take Secretariat Out Back And Shoot Him?

Last night, Craig Ferguson made the above announcement on his Late Late Show, of which he has been the host for ten years. After the surprise declaration of Letterman's impending retirement, and the later announcement that Colbert would be sitting behind the Late Show's desk, I rather assumed that Ferguson might be leaving sooner rather than later. His contract with CBS was expiring at the end of the year, and CBS was looking at other personalities (like Chelsea Handler) to construct talk shows around. Plus, with Letterman's Worldwide Pants producing Ferguson's show, getting rid of the old guard and building an evening's worth of chat shows from the ground out has the potential to work out best for CBS.

But I'm sad none the less. Ferguson was, for my money, the only one of the talk shows worth watching. His unique combination of apparent apathy, fight-the-power anti-conventional attitude and very genuine and intelligent style made him a refuge in the arena. He wasn't afraid to explore ideas- he often had philosophical discussions with his guests, while barely mentioning their projects - and was a friend to science, history, and the independent and European actors, bringing to attention smaller projects that wouldn't even rate second chair at 11:30. His monologues weren't canned jokes poking fun at the day's events, they were discussions on subjects that mattered to him. With a healthy amount of dick jokes.

People were surprised when he didn't fight for Dave's timeslot, but he'd been saying for years he didn't want it because at 11:30, the network would have expectations. At 12:30, Ferguson is able to do his own thing, in his own way. And apparently, he's ready to move on. Said Craig, "I was just like, 'I feel like I’m done.' We were all fine and were tying up loose ends. And then Dave surprised everybody with the announcement and that threw a spanner in the works." The show spent a lot of years fine tuning the formula that made it seem very ram-shackle, and in these last few years, with the introduction of Geoff Peterson, it really felt like it had achieved a kind of perfection. I suppose, in that way, he'll be leaving at the top of his game, which is more than most can claim.

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