Cause It Worked So Well With Smallville

 I've been saying for years that DC's properties would have a better chance on television than in films. That is, of course, dependent on the TV series being good. Here, we have the first trailer for Gotham, the Batman-by-way-of-Smallville series coming to FOX next year. What was initially sold as a police procedural based on Jim Gordon's early days in the Gotham PD is clearly now just the elaborated version of the one flashback sequence from Batman Begins. Which wouldn't be so bad, I guess, except from this admittedly early and very showy look, it doesn't look that good. The dialogue seems a little hammy, and the acting appears to have edged closer to "large" than "subtle." Now, I've been wrong before, and trailers are woeful places to judge quality from. I said something similar about Hannibal, and it turned out to be fantastic. So, I guess we'll all just have to wait and see.

But I don't have the greatest feeling about this one. Though they get points for casting Richard Kind as the mayor.

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