Eddie Izzard Interview On The Stream [Updated]

The story thus far: last Thursday, I was invited to participate in an interview with comedian Eddie Izzard on the Al Jazeera English talk show The Stream. I, along with three others from around the world and coming from various backgrounds, had the opportunity to ask the British comedian and aspiring politician questions about his life, work and goals via live stream. This actually made up for my missed opportunity to ask him a question when he participated in an informal Q&A after a performance of his Force Majeure tour.

The entire episode is above, with my question coming last. Izzard was engaging, as always, and the questions from my fellow panelists and from twitter were interesting, and elicited a great discussion. I have some personal criticism about my performance. First of all, despite appearances, I was not in a disused UPS depot, just a convenient location with a hardwired broadband connection. That does not excuse the general dungeon-like vibe of my location, and I want to make clear that I rarely spend time in dungeons. Second, while my initial question was well thought out and concisely deployed, my followup was much more off the cuff, and I butchered it. I ramble like a goon, and entirely forgot to include the word "unfairly," when I asked if his charisma would give him an advantage in politics. Because obviously it would give him an advantage. Instead of looking inquisitive, I came off sounding like a gomer.

Also, some who watched it live noted that I should smile more. I know this, but I don't have a smiler's face. I have a fantastic scowler's face, honed over many years of intense disapproval. When I smile, I look like I'm suffering from abdominal distress. Or I'm about to enter the dungeon (which again, to be clear, is rare).

I had a fantastic time, enjoyed myself immensely, and would like to thank The Stream, it's hosts and producers for giving me to opportunity to participate, to my fellow panelists for being kind, and to Eddie Izzard for providing an insightful and entertaining answer to my ramblings.

Via the Stream.
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