First Of All, Don't Say Jelly. It's So Weird

The folks over at How It Should Have Ended are always good for a laugh, pointing out the ridiculously obvious plot holes from popular films in delightful animation, and always somehow finding a way to bring it back to Superman and Batman chilling in a cafe. Well, they've went one further with their take on The Lego Movie, which is a real film that features both Superman and Batman (unlike Super/Batman: Passport to Paris, which I maintain will never happen). Because HISHE animated their analysis in glorious Lego-motion. And recreated some of the scenes from the film very impressively. Not that I necessarily agree with their point (the film makes sense in context), but now I kind of wish that the gum that did trap Superman had been green. That seems like a lost opportunity.

And, at just about the point where I had finally gotten Everything Is Awesome out of my head, now it's back, with all the words replaced with "Batman."

Via ComicsAlliance.
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