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While the first trailer for James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy was all about introducing the characters and establishing the tone of the film, this second trailer (which Gunn mentioned he enjoyed more) just gets to bask in the awesome sense of self. Promotionally, the film already has people interested. Now it has to sell itself as a space opera worth your time and money, something that isn't the easiest sell if the second word of the title isn't Wars or Trek.

The second trailer isn't a soft sell, by any means, but it eases off Gunn-style weird slightly. I thought it had a heavy Serenity vibe, making big deal of the anti-hero nature of the main characters, while also giving us our first glimpses of Glenn Close and Lee Pace, and more of the very alien environments the film will be featuring. It also plays up the talking raccoon and talking tree, which from a marketing perspective is smart. If they can convince people to buy those principles, then the audience will be more willing to accept wahtever else Marvel has in store on this one.

Hit the jump to check out the fantastic looking new poster for the film, which was released late last week.

The trailer and poster confirm Vin Diesel's role as Groot's voice, but the smart money says he's playing someone else too.

Via Collider.
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