It'll Take You 20 Some Odd Years From Home, But Will It Reboot You?

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In an odd bit of news, Roland Emmerich, a man renounced for not making good films, has announced that he and Dean Devlin intend to reboot their own film, 1994's Stargate, with the intention of creating a new franchise for MGM and Warner Bros. Emmerich has made mention of returning to his Chariots of the Gods inspired science fiction film over the years, a film that he and Devlin had intended to be the first in a trilogy (the reputed story of the sequels were eventually novelized). It seems now that, rather than make a twenty years later sequel (because those always go so well), he'll kick off an entirely new film series by taking the premise back to square one (because that always goes so well) and avoid having to explain Kurt Russell and James Spader's absences.

Making a sequel to the original film never made much sense to me, and rebooting the franchise makes slightly more but still not a lot of sense for the exact same reason: it'll be living in the shadow of MGM's television Stargate franchise, which lasted for 14 years, was far more successful, popular and flat out better than the film that inspired it. Rebooting the film with such a cultural memory (and everyone knows geeks have the longest memories) lingering over it seems as unwise as Bryan Singer's attempts to bring Battlestar Galactica to the big screen so soon after the Sci-Fi series finished. That it is twenty years later, and Emmerich still really wants to tell the story he originally envisioned for Stargate shows a certain level of passion for the project, but who amongst the receptive audience will accept a Stargate universe without the Goa'uld, or the Asgard, or Richard Dean Anderson?

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