No Words... Should Have Sent A Cinematographer

Christopher Nolan's new film supposedly draws influence from the writings of Kip Thorne. As someone who spent a not small part of his adolescence reading the works of Kip Thorne, this had immediate appeal to me. But the shiny has gone off Nolan, as far as I'm concerned. The Prestige remains one of my favourite films, but if the evidence of Inception and Dark Knight Rises suggests anything, it is that Nolan has gotten too caught up in the idea of himself.

Rather than making big films in a small way, which was what made Insomnia and Batman Begins so successful, he's now making movies based on what people expect from Christopher Nolan. In Inception, this lead to bloated egotism of perceived cleverness. In DKR, it lead to confusion of detail and boredom of plot. This is the first good look we've got of Interstellar, and it doesn't immediately suggest anything other than what we've come to expect from Nolan, which is a lot of pretension and dressing up of good ideas under the cloak of grand importance.

 We'll have to wait until November to see what exactly Nolan has for us this time.
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