That's A Lot Of Riffs

Last summer's live Rifftrax of Starship Troopers was both one of the funniest riffs I've heard them do, but also one of the best ways I've ever spent an evening. It was glorious in every way three middle aged guys making fun of a terrible movie could be. And now they need our help to do it again, with a film that deserves every bit of attention the old Mystery Science Theatre 3000 gusto can muster: 1998's Godzilla.

They've launched a Kickstater campaign in order to raise the sizable sum needed to broadcast this film live across the US (and hopefully Canada). As of this writing, they have actually managed to surpass their base-line goal of $100,000, but there remain 28 days in the campaign, and the more money raised means an ultimately better show (again, hopefully one broadcast in Canada).

To tide us over until then, this July 10th Mike and the Bots will be taking aim at Sharknado, live in theatres, from which a whirling vortex of aquatic predators of some kind couldn't keep me away.

Via Kickstarter.
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