Why the Long Face?

That video is of a Walking With Dinosaurs Arena Spectacular dinosaur throwing out the first pitch at a San Diego Padres game, and it does a damned good job. Hell, most Presidents can't seem to get the ball over home plate, but that dino hucks it in there right through the strike zone.

In other news of dead relatives of things that poop on my car, University of Edinburgough researches have identified what they believe to be an entirely new branch of the Tyrannosaur family The discovers comes following the identification of a new species of animal, named Qianzhousaurus sinensis, but nicknamed Pinocchio. The 66 million year old, nine meter long Tyrannosaur was discovered by road construction workers near Ganzhou in southern China.

The nickname comes from the longer snout, up to 35% longer than it's most common relatives, says Dr Steve Brusatte, who headed the team that made the identification. This keeps it well out of the range of the crocodilian-snouted Spinosauridae. Meaning, this smaller, more agile animal likely belongs in its own subgroup, along with the recently discovered Mongolian Alioramus. "Although we are only starting to learn about them, the long-snouted tyrannosaurs were apparently one of the main groups of predatory dinosaurs in Asia," said Prof Junchang Lu of the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences and co-author on the research.

Via Geekologie and the BBC.
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