Life Finds A Way...

... to kick you in your ass sometimes, which is exactly what it did to me last week. Whatever I had ready to go late Sunday evening is what I was able to get up at some point last week. I honestly can't remember what was and wasn't posted; I'll have to go back and check. Anything that wasn't up last week will be folded into this week's posts, which will appear at their regularly scheduled times, baring some other catastrophe.
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About MR. Clark

Adopting the descriptor of "successfully unpublished author", MR. Clark began writing things on the internet in 2012, which he believed to be an entirely reputable and civilized place to find and deliver information. He regrets much.


  1. I hope you get time to catch up on your Continuum reviews; I definitely appreciate getting to read your take on the episodes (I just caught up myself...I live in Alberta so you can do the timestamp math for how irresponsible that was of me, heh). But more importantly, random stranger so ewhere on the other side of the internet, I hope life stops kicking your ass! Take care.

    1. The Continuum review will be up at noon, no worries about that.

      As for life and it's various ass kickings, the best way for me to describe last week for me is thus: have you ever woke up, realized that you're out of toothpaste, your favourite pair of socks had a hole it them, your car has a flat tire, you were attacked by a leopard hiding in the back seat, and then found out the leopard has been having a love affair with your wife?

      It was just a lot of one-off events that all happened to happen at the same time, and proceeded to monopolize my week.