Milk The Tragedy, All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

In my review of Gravity, I made the bold statement (OK, not that bold) that any science fiction movie made afterwards would live in its shadow, in much the same way that 2001 utterly transformed the genre at the turn of the 1970s (in that, all science fiction went from looking less like the Star Trek tv series and more like the Star Trek films). Anything space based that doesn't confirm to the new paradigm established by Alfonso Cuaron's beautiful film must be judged inferior (Guardians gets an exemption, as stated in the universally recognized raccoon clause).

But that is not to say the film is perfect. No movie will ever conform exactly to science. Fiction doesn't work like that, nor should it. Fiction isn't documentary, it is about expressing human stories, not lecturing data. But that doesn't mean it's not fun when Face Of Space 2.0 and noted wet blanket Neil deGrasse Tyson can look at what they did do wrong, in an entertaining way, which Cinema Sins was able to pull off.

It kind of bugs me though, that the one thing that really bothered me about Gravity, they don't bring up at all (spoilers): when she's swimming for her life at the end, her legs should be experiencing a certain level of atrophy that would have reduced her powerful kicks to pitiful little waves as she sunk helplessly to the bottom. But I guess that would have made the movie utterly depressing.

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