The Queen In The North

The Queen is currently on a tour of Northern Ireland, and took the time to visit the Game of Thrones set in the Titanic quarter of Belfast. I can maybe see William and Kate being fans, and you know that Harry tunes in, if only for the boobs, but somehow I doubt that the Queen herself has ever enjoyed the series (since the series is loosely based on the War of the Roses, perhaps it hits too close to home).

The bigger point is... see, Dany! Do you see how easy it is to take Kings Landing. This is an 88 year old woman, and she just strolled in. Seven hells, they just stood at attention and let her come within inches of the Iron Throne. Why are you wasting time waffling about across the narrow sea? You have dragons, for the love of gods! What does Liz 2 have? Wales!? Honestly, get your act together, woman.

Via Uproxx.
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