There Will Be Humans On This Dinosaur Tour

Universal has released the first official "still" images (meaning, not behind the scenes set pictures) from next year's Jurassic World. While they provide no further information about the film, or the characters depicted in each of them, or feature any dinosaurs in any way, they are still a fun bit of advanced press. Especially considering that, the more I learn about the movie, the more excited I'm getting for it.

Colin Trevorrow spoke recently to /Film recently, debunking and confirming some of the story details that have been leaked recently (don't click that link if you want to avoid spoilers), but I have to say that Trevorrow has won me over with his vision for the film, and the franchise. Now, if he can execute that vision is yet to be seen. But more so than I was a year ago, I'm game.

Hit the jump for the new photos, which give us a first official look at Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins.

Via /Film.
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