There's Nothing That Can't Be Done Now

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has a new series of documentary shorts called Moments That Changed The Movies, which explore... well, exactly what it says on the tin. In this short, they focus on Jurassic Park, for whom enough cannot be said about how dramatically that movie changed film-making. The modern overly reliant state of CG in films can be traced back directly to Jurassic Park showing people in an incredibly impressive and utterly unexpected way what was suddenly possible with the help of computers (Jurassic Park kicked off the use of CG on a regular basis, Lord of the Rings can be blamed for the over saturation).

What I really like about this short is that is speaks to the technicians that created the technology rather than the filmmakers that integrated it (Kathleen Kennedy aside). It also includes shots of Phil Tippetts original stop frame tests of the T-rex escape and the raptor kitchen scene. It also includes Spaz Williams' early T-rex animatics that so impressed Kennedy that she convinced Spielberg that CG was the way to go on the film. I challenge you to find a more interesting nine minutes to watch today.

Via Collider.
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