Watch Out, Spain

I'm not the biggest fan of Washington Correspondents performances. The comedy rarely comes off well, because the room is one of the least receptive audiences to humour. And sometimes the comedy is bizarrely watered down to avoid risking offence. But I make an exception to the 2014 Radio and Television Correspondents’ Association Dinner, which took place last night, because the key note was delivered by Nick Offerman. The video of the speech is available to be watched on CSPAN's website, and is a quality speech and exactly what you'd expect and hope from Offerman.

The man needs to stop claiming he and Ron Swanson was entirely different people, because it's performances like this that showcase the fact that except for being more rounded, better read and less moustached, they are more similar than not. Offerman here speaks with eloquence and biting wit, being both reasonable and correct in most of his analysis, as well as getting in an impressive number of historical references. And his walking tour of the constitution is next to brilliant.

Do yourself a favour, cap off the week by setting aside fifteen minutes and learn what's what from someone who at least seems to know what he's talking about.

via Uproxx.
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