All The Trailers (Well, A Few Anyway)

While some studios go to Comic-Con to build excitement over a single film, most of the studios go to tease their collective genre output for the coming year or more. So, it isn't unusual for there to be a bounty of trailers released over the course of the week. Rather than give each it's own post (because none of them deserve it), I've collected some of the new trailers and put them all after the jump.

Except, obviously, Hot Tub Time Machine 2, which is up top.

Before we continue, an we pause for a moment to think on the original Hot Tub Time Machine. With the exception of John Cusack and Chevy Chase, that movie was largely filled with unknowns or "poor man's" versions of character actor types. And since it's release four years ago, pretty much everyone in that film has went on to become a goddamn star. Rob Corddry was just coming off of his time at the Daily Show and Children's Hospital was just gaining ground. This movie cemented not only his comedic abilities but his acting chops, and since then he has snuggled nicely into the best friend or husband kind of roles, in movies like Butter, In A World..., The Way Way Back and Warm Bodies. Craig Robinson was just that guy from the Office before integrating himself as part of the Seth Rogen/James Franco group.

Clark Duke could have easily become the discount Jonah Hill (his first role was one line in Superbad, another movie whose supporting cast exploded afterwards), but perhaps because of HTTM has chosen a more subdued path, with decent turns in The Office and A.C.O.D. Elsewhere, there was Sebastian Stan, who was most recently The Winter Soldier for Marvel, Jessica Paré who nabbed herself a role on Mad Men, and the incomparable Lizzy Caplan, who recently got her first (or many, I'm sure) Emmy nominations for Masters of Sex. The sequel appears to have went with established talent, adding Adam Scott and Gillian Jacobs, but looks to have kept the general tone of the original, vis-à-vis dick jokes.


From the novel by Joe Hill (that's Stephen King's son) and director Alexandre Aja comes Horns, the story of a man (Daniel Radcliffe) accused of killing his girlfriend (Juno Temple) who begins growing horns which exert undo influence over people. It looks like it's chalk full of dark comedy and is pretty probably dark anyways, and I'm looking forward to it.


Probably the first movie based on an anecdote (other than Deliverance, obviously), The Death of "Superman Live": What Happened? is an in depth examination of why Tim Burton's Superman movie starring Nic Cage from the mid nineties never came to fruition. Originating from Smith's well known story about putting the script together with producer/crazy person Jon Peters before being shut down in pre-production, the documentary talks to everyone involved, from the costume designers, the digital effects artists, to Smith and Burton themselves, to find out why DC failed to make a shared DC film universe a decade before Marvel every thought of the idea.

And finally:

There is a trailer for George Miller's long delayed fourth installment of the Road Warrior series, Mad Max: Road Fury. Starring Tom Hardy and Charlie Theron, this trailer certainly looks like a Mad Max film, in that there is plenty of desert and car crashes, but a depressing lack of Tina Turner in fishnets. Admittedly, there is a better chance of Turner showing up in her thirty year old costume than there is of Mel Gibson showing up at all.
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