Because "Into Darkness" Worked So Well For That Other Sci-fi Franchise

Finally, a trailer for the approaching series of Doctor Who that is longer than sixteen seconds! That shows actually footage! That includes both dinosaurs and Madame Vastra! That includes... oh, bloody hell, Daleks? Again? So soon?

Listen, I have a theory about Dalek usage. Considering that many of Dalek stories across the history of the programme have been crap, there needs to be an embargo on their use: one per regeneration. Or, to be more fair, once every four years, within a regeneration. The Daleks were used to an absurd degree during the runs of the first three Doctors, and from Tom Baker's time through to McCoy's, this pattern held fairly true. The Doctor encountered the Daleks only once per regeneration (and because they had so run out of Dalek stories by this point, it also always included an appearance from Davros). The exception was the Fourth Doctor, who due to his length of tenure, met his arch-foe twice.

Since the return though, Nine, Ten and Eleven have in seven television years encountered the Daleks every single series, usually twice a series, and in nearly every single finale. This needs to stop. Despite Moffat once saying that the Daleks needed to go away for a while (that lasted nearly a full series), they haven't gone anywhere. And to be frank, in the nine years of the revival, their best appearances have been when they are ancillary, like in The Pandorica Opens or Day of the Doctor (special mention must go however to Dalek, which is probably the greatest Dalek-focused story ever told, and rendered completely meaningless by everything that has come since). So, if we must Dalek again, let it be for the last time in this half of the decade, please?
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