Can You Save 15% Or More On Birth Control By Switching To Space Geckos?

Have you been watching Last Week Tonight? You really should. It isn't, as some thought it might be, just a more cussy version of the Daily Show. It uses only the most basic of the Daily Show's style, but it has become something so much more than that. John Oliver has settled on long form, lecture style "edutainment" segments that delve deep into issues of international importance and dissect the aspects of that subject that get ignored because they aren't "upvote" worthy or can't be explained in 140 characters.

I especially like that, among his verbal essays on nuclear weapons, FIFA corruption and America's prison sentence inequality (and other issue considered "unimportant" by American media), he keeps things much lighter by talking about a former President's penis, or the above segment, in which he becomes quite worked up over the fact that Russia lost a bunch of geckos in space, whom they were watching have sex. As should we all. Russian already are pioneers in the field of extreme fetch; they cannot be allowed to dominate the growing field of reptilian zero-g pornography.
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