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Futurama may be over, again, but that doesn't mean it's gone (it never seems to be). It continues to live on in the public imagination, like animator Alexy Zakharov, whose work can be seen above. He has rendered the world of New New York into a breath-taking photo-realistic sequence. This is what the year 3000 would actually look like, and I for one wouldn't mind it at all.

And it continues to live on in an official capacity, as Matt Groening and company know when not to leave a good idea alone. Futurama will return to FOX this November in a cross over event with The Simpsons, complete with the entire voice cast (Billy West, John DiMaggio, Katey Sagal, Phil LaMarr, Lauren Tom,Tress MacNeille, and Maurice LaMarche) returning to their beloved roles. This is separate from the Family Guy/Bob's Burgers crossover that is also happening in November on the Simpsons, and might be a sign that the Simpsons producers have just finally said "f*#k it." At least Futurama and Simpsons share a heritage (and have crossed paths before).

Now, when news of this broke earlier in the week, it rustled something in me from a ways back. I could have sworn this was announced a year of so ago, and sure enough it was. At last year's San Diego comic-con, it was announced that it was happening, though at the time they were uncertain if it would act as the finale of season 25 or the premiere of season 26. It won't be the premiere, that "honour" goes to the episode in which a long time character will die, but it will happen early in a season that is shaping up to be "all gimmick."

Hit the jump for some still images of Alexy Zakharov's beautiful renditions of the Planet Express ship.

If that last one didn't immediately become your new desktop background, I don't even know what to think.

Via Uproxx and The Mary Sue.
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