If You Can Move, Don't

The internet has fallen in love with super cuts, and I honestly can't blame them. Distilling the shared joyful substance of a running gag of recurring trope down into an easily binge-watched montage, that like pop culture cocaine right there.

While some super cuts are nothing more than an excuse to here the same line read half a hundred different ways in two minutes, some are doing the Lord's Work. Like this one, which assembles every instance of Brett getting shot on Archer.

Note to aspiring writers: this is how a perfect running gag works. Fans of the show recognize it, but when displayed like this, you realize that over the five existing seasons, it didn't actually happen all that often. Enough for it to be fun, and not too much for it to become old. And always in a new and inventive way. This succinctly shows the patience and willingness to let a joke "play out" that so so many writers, producers and entertainment folk in general are completely incapable of.

And yet more proof that Archer might be the best produced show on television today.

Via Uproxx.
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