Like Sharks In A Tornado, These Are The Riffs Of Our Lives

A gentle (as gentle as a meteorological disturbance filled with marine life of some kind) reminder that tomorrow night, RiffTrax will be performing live their mockery of the infamous Sharknado. Having attended several of these events in the past, I can tell you that Mike, Kevin and Bill never fail to make it an evening to remember, even if the film isn't worth the jam from between the "director's" toes. Tickets are likely still available at your local cinetorium in either Canada or the US.

Additionally, the success of the Godzilla '98 Kickstarter has been announced, and boy howdy was it a success. After accruing nearly three times the asking goal, the MST3K crew will lampoon Roland Emmerich's giant lizard of a film on August 14th. That is only a month away! And because of the wild success of the campaign, they have announced that 1997's Jennifer Lopez vehicle Anaconda has been added to the RiffTrax Live bill as their Halloween feature this year, happening on October 30th.

No word of whether these next two shows will be shown in Canada or not. To ensure this happens, I ask all good and honourable Canadians who read this to send tweet after tweet to Cineplex, asking them to let us take part in the joy that is tearing apart something that so many spent so long making horribly.

Via RiffTrax.
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