Looks Like This Time, They're Going Hot To Cold

I have fond memories of Horrible Bosses. Actually, what I have fond memories of is seeing it in Belgium, and having the two Germans in the seats next to me realise they were in the wrong theatre about ten minutes in, lean over, and ask me if this was Transformers 2. They got up and left, obviously making the wrong cinematic decision, but that's confused Germans for you.

The film itself, on paper, isn't really anything special. But boy howdy was it saved by the performances of Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, and Jason Sudeikis. Those three had great chemistry, and Kevin Spacey spent the entire time being an unrepentant asshole, and that's always fun (that man doesn't get enough opportunities to do comedy). Now, I am very much of the opinion that not every movie needs a sequel, and I feel that Horrible Bosses was one of those films. It's not like those characters became amazingly iconic after the first one came out, so why doesn't the studio just put those three guys in a different film? Because the studios think we're stupid, and to a certain degree they are right (though no more stupid than they themselves are).

My feelings of unease are exacerbated by the presence of every actor from the first film, despite there not being any obvious reason for them to be there (I'm looking at you, Jamie Foxx). I get a strong sense of the unneeded repetition of jokes that generally passes for comedy sequels, and somehow doubt that I'll be walking away from this film with an odd story about Germans.
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