Mostly Harmful

Marvel has set up a viral marketing website called Galaxy Getaways, which allows you to explore some of the locations the Guardians of the Galaxy will be visiting. Which is cool, if with a month left before the film arrives, a little late for viral marketing. But, it does appear to be keeping in tone with the film, which is basically punch-you-in-the-throat sarcastic.

And, it comes with the above introduction video, which feels way more in keeping with The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy than Guardians. So, let me say this, right now: if Guardians ends up being a superpowered, Chris Pratt starring homage to Hitchhiker's Guide, it stands a real chance of just being my favourite film ever. And the current holder of that title has dinosaurs in it. So, you know, that's a big toothy obstacle to overcome.

Via /Film.
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