Shall We Take A Voyage Of Discovery Together?

As I was watching this trailer for Space Station 76, I was overtaken by a thought. This is a comedy, obviously, lampooning the sci-fi aesthetic of Space: 1999 and the original Battlestar Galactica. The kind of spit shine and spandex that was common before 2001 and Alien upturned the notion of a "clean" future and science fiction settled into something with a little more grime on the dashboard.

And while it looks like this film does a solid job picking at the tropes of that period and style of film-making, I wondered what would happen if someone made a completely serious film in this style again. Then I realized that J.J. Abrams Star Trek movies were exactly that, and they were shit. So I stopped wondering, and enjoyed this trailer. The film was written and directed by Jack Plotnick (who had a recurring role in the third season of Buffy) and stars Matt Bomer, Patrick Wilson, and Liv Tyler.

Oh, and anyone who laughs at the old fifties notion of everyone in the future walking around in spandex suits all the time, next time you're out take note of how many people are wearing yoga pants as real pants and stop laughing.
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