A Terrible Offspring Of Our Pride Will Get What's Coming To It

As I mentioned last month, the RiffTrax kickstarter to unlock the 1998 Roland Emmerich travesty Godzilla for live riffing was a wild success, to the extent that it also covered them for Anaconda as their Halloween show. But first things first, and the first thing is a giant iguana. Tomorrow night at your local cinetorium (well, not my local. I have to make a bit of a trip to catch it myself), across the US and Canada, Mike, Kevin and Bill will be mocking the movie that propelled Matthew Broderick into cinematic obscurity.

I've attended five of these now, and I don't laugh as hard, as often, and leave a theater feeling as satisfied as I do when I see RiffTrax live. You've still got time, I suggest you figure out where this is playing nearest you, and go to there tomorrow night, tickets in hand. A better evening you won't have.

Via RiffTrax.
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