BREAKING NEWS (From Yesterday): Marvel Will Introduce The Greatest Character In Its Catalogue

I really hate posting two things about Marvel on the same day, but I can't not mention this, when I've been such an active proponent of it in the past. Marvel has trademarked "Squirrel Girl," for future use in a film or television series.

Squirrel Girl, people! She controls squirrels. And despite them being well known minions of darkness, she's a hero. She's the biggest damned hero in the Marvel universe. She defeated Dr. Doom, Deadpool and Thanos, and is the Avenger's go-to babysitter.

There is, of course, no indication as to what capacity she'll be appearing. The smart money would be in either Agents of SHIELD or one of the Netflix series. In fact, my money would be on Jessica Jones or Luke Cage considering that it was their baby that Doreen babysat for the most (I'm thinking plucky neighbour kid, with squirrel powers). But it's just as likely that she might be a gifted teen that Coulson and Co. track down this season, after reports of squirrel attacks.

Coulson and Squirrel Girl... They could pretty much just end the MCU right there, with perfection (obviously, they could continue to make Guardians films).

Via Bleeding Cool.
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