Brooklyn Nine-Nine Says What Regular Cop Shows Are Thinking

As much as the dip in quality that Parks and Rec took last season bothered me, it might have been understandable considering that the folks behind it were busy making Brooklyn Nine-Nine the best new sitcom on TV. Michael Schur's shows tend to be fantastic until he gets a better idea, and moves on. So that assumes that Brooklyn Nine-Nine will continue to be awesome for another few years, until he goes off and develops a show about, I don't know, travel agents in Tulsa or something.

This season, the show moves from it's pre-or-post New Girl Tuesday timeslot to the crowded, animated environment of FOX Sundays. It was an odd move, when it was announced, and I don't know if it'll work for them, but there is nothing else I watch on Sundays, so I'll probably be watching it live this year. This first look, focusing mostly on Charles and Gina, gives us a taste of what is in store for the Nine-Nine when it returns September 28th.

Via Uproxx.
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