Character Actors Are People Too. Just, You Know, In Supporting Roles

It must speak to my own interests and attentions, that I recognized every person in this video. I've always been impressed more by character actors than by "stars." I'm drawn to the J.K. Simmons, the Judy Greers, the F. Murray Abrahams, if only because they tend to be more reliable than the big guys, especially in big, actiony films. Look at Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise or Bruce Willis, and they just play themselves, or at least the exact same guy, in every single film they're in. Whereas character actors might get typecast into a particular kind of role, at least they'll put their all into (nearly) every role they get, be it big tent pole stuff, or made for the SyFy network. They put in the effort, and while we might not know all of their names, at least we do recognize them. I'd rather be a "hey, what do I know you from?" sort of guy than Channing Tatum any day. Partly because his name sounds like a witch's curse from a Disney film.

And you've got to figure at this point, Doug Jones really hates Andy Serkis. Like, leaves weird stuff in his mailbox, hates.

Via The Mary Sue.
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