"Grooting" Needs To Become A Thing

And for once, it probably won't be dirty. I'll put the business of the post after the jump, because it does spoiler one of the better jokes from the film, and there may well be a handful of folk out there who haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet. For those people, there clearly is no hope, and I say we should collectively drive them out to the country, and leave them there, to pine by the side of the road watching in the direction the car left in, hoping that we'll return, until they are mauled by a badger at dusk. Like nature intended.

To get us slightly in the mood (and is tenuously related), the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack has hit number one on the billboard charts, which I believe is a first for Marvel. The album, titled Awesome Mix Vol. 1, "sold 109,000 copies in the week ending Aug. 10 (up 83 percent), according to Nielsen SoundScan. It debuted a week ago at No. 3 with 60,000." It is also notable because "it is the first No. 1 soundtrack where the whole album is composed of previously released songs." So, not only does James Gunn have a great sense of humour and an eye for untapped talent, but also a golden ear for diegetic music. Looks like the pressure is on for Awesome Mix Vol. 2.

After the jump, we look at the perfect companion to Awesome Mix Vol. 1, and how you can make Groot do that other thing he does, other than say his name, at home.

Within minutes of the first showing of Guardians, the internet was clamouring for a dancing baby Groot, and Marvel responded with a resounding "huh?" I personally don't understand how they could think that Rocket was going to push Cars levels of merchandise, but didn't think that every living soul walking out of a movie theatre wouldn't want a Big Billy Mouth Bass style baby Groot, boogieing to I Want You Back. I'm officially declaring dancing baby Groot to be this generation's dancing groundhog at the end of Caddyshack.

Marvel has yet to announce anything official, beyond Hot Toys giving away a free, stationary baby Groot with purchase of the Rocket and Groot double pack. The internet, being what it is, was quick to respond, and by the end of that first weekend, the above was created by Patrick Delehanty. Delehanty has since posted a step-by-step guide on how to make your own, and like trying to build a series accurate Servo and Crowe from MST3K, it relies on an already rare and now expensive core building material. In this case, it's the dancing mechanism from a "Movin' & Groovin'" Flower. I'm sure something official will come along eventually, probably just in time for the holidays, but until then it's this, or your best idea. What have you got?

Via Billboard, and the Mary Sue.
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